The ‘hood ain’t the same: Panel Discussion on Gentrificaction

As Seattle grows we face the same issues of other larger cities, including a rising cost of living and displacement.  While gentrification is as much a class issue as a race issue, racial disparity and segregation have amplified its impact and importance to people of color.  Simply, the challenges of increasing land values and demand for in-city housing often stresses and destroys communities in its wake.

Historically, people of color, immigrants, artists, gays, the poor and other marginalized populations have been displaced in evolving cities.  How can the effects of gentrification be mitigated?  Understanding the underlying factors of gentrification, ensuring that impacts of growth and development are mitigated to the fullest extent, and acknowledgement of and support to extant populations are all critical to helping Seattle sustain the viability of its varied communities.

The SNC is pleased to announce its April 12th meeting topic: Gentrification – the ‘hood ain’t the same.  Our panel will include:

  • Lynne Manzo (UW COBE) who as an ‘environmental psychologist’ emphasizes the importance of “place attachment” to communities,
  • ‘Draze’ Maraire, artist and musician whose “The Hood Ain’t the Same” music video reflects the feelings of shock, frustration an resentment associated with a gentrifying area as the Central District has been and continues to confront.

Join us for an informative meeting as we explore this challenging topic.  But, please RSVP for this meeting at Brown Paper Tickets.

For more on meeting location, time, etc click here.

[by Bill Bradburd, April 4, 2014]


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