March 9, 2013 – Speed Dating the Mayoral Candidates (Burgess, Murray, Steinbreck)

How many times have you taken the opportunity to ask for a few tastes at the ice cream shop before settling in on the flavor you want? As with many things in life where a difficult choice is to be made, sometimes a little taste is necessary to help in the decision making process.

In Seattle, 2013 is shaping up to have an interesting mayoral race. With 8 hats in the ring, we have a fine slate of candidates lining up to take on an incumbent that appears to finally be in stride.

Some people come predisposed in these matters. And others want to kick the tires. Members of the Seattle Neighborhood Coalition have been known to do both — to the point of kicking the tires of their preferred choice. As a bunch we demand much more than the one minute elevator pitch or glossy mailer.

Given the number of candidates and our limited breakfast meeting time, it was suggested that I consider the success of speed dating as a means for matchmaking. Surprisingly we had uniform agreement from the candidates to the proposition. Therefore, the SNC is pleased to announce its first “Speed Dating the Seattle Mayoral Candidates”.

The format allowed the candidate up to 5 minutes for opening remarks/stump speech, followed by 15 minutes to address a suite of issue areas of concern to the SNC, followed by up to 25 minutes of Q&A with the membership – a 45 minute date.

Our first dates were on the February 9th when we were joined by Mayor Mike McGinn and neighborhood stalwart Kate Martin (Council member Bruce Harrell at the last moment was not able to attend and did not respond to our subsequent offer of another date). On March 9 we dated Council member Tim Burgess, State Senator Ed Murray, and former Council member Peter Steinbrueck.

The first video is the candidate’s opening statement and response to our issue areas, and the second video clip is the candidate’s response to questions from SNC members.


by Bill Bradburd April 16, 2013


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