July 13, 2013 – Seattle’s Transportation Master Plan

We’re planning to help everyone get around in Seattle

Transportation is a major issue for Seattle.  To some, THE issue.   In the past year the SNC has engaged speakers to talk about the issues of regional growth and transportation, about Seattle’s streets infrastructure, and about the state of our County bus transit system, Metro.  With increasing demands on transit services which are provided by other agencies, the capacity and quality issues with our own roads, and a growing population, how does Seattle do integrated planning to provide public transit services and facilities for its citizens.

Last year Seattle completely revised its Transit Master Plan (TMP).

The TMP identifies the city’s most important transit corridors: those that move lots of people and vehicles today, and those that are expected to do so as Seattle grows.  It looks at various public transit modes (bus rapid transit, light rail, or street car) that could work best on those corridors.  It defines how to integrate transit facilities and services with other road users such as cars, freight, pedestrians and bicycles.  And it considers ways that public transit and other modes can work together to make functional and great places in the city.

Some of the elements of the plan are very exciting, and some are not without controversy.

Planning to connect the South Lake Union street car to the incomplete First Hill streetcar line is already underway.  And just recently several options to connect Ballard to Downtown by light rail and street car were presented.

To help us understand the TMP and some of the specific transit planing underway is Tony Mazzella, Strategic Advisor at the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT).  Tony oversaw the development of the TMP by the consultant Nelson/Nygaard.

by Bill Bradburd, July 3, 2013


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