December 13, 2104 – Green Haze: Marijuana in Seattle

It’s a Federal crime, but legal under State law, regulated or not at the local level, and making people happy or quite upset. Marijuana (“pot”) shops are now a fixture in Seattle. But the controversy is far from over about their operation and its unclear where we are headed — except that they support something that was quite common and will likely remain so: the consumption of cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes.

In 2012 Washington State voters approved I-502 legalizing the possession of small amounts of the drug, and opened the doors to legal purchase for recreational uses (medical uses and dispensing had been in place under tenuous circumstances prior to this).

Seattle has been aggressively leading the way through these uncharted waters and continues to try to walk the fine line through the myriad of legal entanglements and societal responses.

This month we will explore the issue of pot shops, how they fit into the city and are regulated, and where we can perhaps expect to see legislative changes in coming years. We will be joined by David Mendoza (Policy Advisor to Mayor Murray), Ian Eisenberg, (proprietor of Uncle Ike’s, a marijuana outlet in Seattle’s Central District), and John Davis (Executive Director of The Coalition For Cannabis Standards & Ethics).

Please join us on Saturday, December 13 at 9am for what should prove to be a interesting discussion.


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