July 8 – Mayoral Candidate Forum #2

[Video of our meetings with the mayoral candidates can be seen here]

The SNC is pleased to present its second program dedicated to extended meetings with Seattle Mayoral candidates.  At each of the June and July meetings we will have one hour sessions with 3 candidates.  The candidates will make opening and closing statements, respond to a few fixed questions from the SNC and our co-sponsoring organizations (Vanishing Seattle, Seattle fair Growth, and the City Neighborhood Council), and respond to audience questions.

On July 8 we will meet with:

NOTE that the July 8 meeting will start at 8:30 am at the central Area Senior Center for breakfast and networking.  The first candidate interview will start at 9am.

In June we met with Jessyn Farrell, Jenny Durkan, and Nikkita Oliver.  After the July meeting, video of all candidate interviews will be posted.

Please join us at the Central Area Senior Center for what has been an informative and extended discussion with the candidates.   RSVP for the event!



5 responses to “July 8 – Mayoral Candidate Forum #2

  1. Wish you would connect seriously with Harley Lever. He is worth your time.

  2. With so many candidates we felt we had to focus on the top tier candidates. I have personally met with Harley and I think he has many good ideas. But he had no fundraising goals and we felt that that was an inhibitor to him getting past the primary. He is a strong voice and I would encourage him to keep active and consider a Council run after this.

  3. I would second the request to include Harley Lever. I sent this suggestion originally to Seattle Fair Growth and never heard back; I didn’t realize there were other organizations involved in setting up the forum until today. But he sounds at least somewhat skeptical of HALA and I’d like the option of hearing from him. The phenomenon of the “top six” candidates is a self-perpetuating one if media and organizations just ignore the others.

  4. Yes, I agree with Deborah. Bill, you are talking about Harley’s fundraising goals without recognizing that he has hit a strong chord in Seattle. People are noticing without the big money. To include Harley in a forum is to acknowledge that his ideas have merit, that public safety and accountability actually matter to the people of Seattle, and candidates who have money and the usual endorsements need to pay attention to issues of public safety and accountability. At this point with SNC being the gatekeeper of this message vis-a-vis this forum, fewer people will know about Harley Lever and recognize they can demand public safety and accountability from City government. I’m disappointed in SNC in sticking with establishment candidates who suffer from chronic litmus-based positioning. This is not helping our city. I expected more from SNC.

  5. At the very least you can have a one-on-one with Harley Lever and post it. Thanks.

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