February 11 – Neighborhoods Workshop on HALA Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) Upzones

The Seattle Neighborhood Coalition is hosting a workshop on Saturday February 11 for community organizers who are trying to bring attention to HALA’s Mandatory Housing Affordability upzones and connect them to other neighborhoods in order to share tools and ideas to get the word out and to respond to what is happening.

We will have a panel discussion and Q&A covering:

  •  crafting a message
  •  organizational building
  •  getting ‘technical’ land use acumen
  •  inclusive outreach to underrepresented communities and renters
  •  partnerships
  •  communication tools

Some neighborhoods are well organized and have a variety of responses to working with the City, others are just getting started, and others are not engaged. This workshop will allow community members an initial chance to “become aware and share” and meet with other neighborhood leaders to make connections.

We want to empower communities to make their own choices on how to respond and understand what is happening related to the zoning changes that will affect them.

If you are interested in helping your community respond to the upzones and become more engaged in the process, please join us.

*** NOTE:  the meeting will start at 8:30am with networking and a coffee/light breakfast.  Panel discussion will start at 9am, followed by Q&A and breakout sessions.


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