November 12 – Panel Discussion: Seattle journalists’ post-election analysis and tea-leaf reading

After a long and blustery election season it’s finally time for analysis of the election results and some examination of what lay ahead.

Locally we were given the chance to approve the largest public transportation initiative ever: the $54B Sound Transit 3 expansion.  We were also presented at the state level the option of the nation’s most progressive climate policy action.  And locally we had some of the most highly contentious legislative battles between lefty candidates in recent memory.

And with the national election over, what do the results mean for us and the region?

Finally, what are the predictions for Seattle in 2017?  Will we in the second year of our homelessness ‘state of emergency’ see progress?  Will HALA begin to deliver on its promises?  And what can we expect in the local Seattle election for Mayor, City Attorney and the two at-large City Council seats.

We are excited to be joined by esteemed local journalists Joe Copeland (Crosscut), Casey Jaywork (Seattle Weekly) and George Howland (Outside City Hall).

Joe Copeland is a writer and editor for Crosscut, primarily overseeing political coverage. He has worked for Crosscut since 2010. He was an editorial writer and editorial columnist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer from 2002 until its closure in March 2009. His editorial writing included the higher education, environmental and political beats. Before joining the P-I, he worked at The Herald in Everett as editorial page editor, city editor and a reporter. He is the author of an e-book, “Peace Quest: The Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

@CaseyJaywork is a reporter for Seattle Weekly, where he covers City Hall as well as homelessness, police reform, drug policy, and other issues that affect poor people. He was one of this year’s New Journalists of the Year for the local chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. He does not understand Instagram, and likes it that way.

George Howland Jr has been a Seattle-based journalist for 28 years. He was The Stranger’s first news editor and worked as news editor at Seattle Weekly under Knute Berger. He spent five years as a flack at City Hall (AKA his time in hell). Currently, he is an independent journalist under contract with Outside City Hall, the website of Seattle Displacement Coalition.

Join us for what should an insightful conversation.


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