July 11th “Move Seattle” with Councilmember Tom Rasmussen

More transit, bike and pedestrian investments may be coming our way. The Seattle City Council voted to put Move Seattle, a $930 million transportation levy on the November 2015 ballot.

So what’s in the levy? For starters, seven brand new Rapid Ride transit corridors that will bring high-quality and frequent bus service to neighborhoods all across Seattle. Additionally, the levy provides funding to support construction of the Northgate bike and pedestrian bridge and an infill light rail station at Graham Street in the Rainier Valley to connect even more people to transit.

The levy also includes a significant investment in safety and maintenance for our current infrastructure of roads, bridges and sidewalks. The proposal invests in 150 blocks of new sidewalks, nearly 50 miles of protected bike lanes and 60 miles of neighborhood greenways.

Seattle’s previous transportation levy, “Bridging the Gap” – which did not – is set to expire this fall. With our city rapidly growing, there is a proven need to invest in the transportation infrastructure that will keep us moving.

Connecting the dots will be Council-member Tom Rasmussen, Chair of the Transportation Committee. A former aide to Council-member Jeanette Williams, Tom has been on the Council since 2004, and is serving the last year of his final term.

[by Robert Rosenberger]


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