May 10 – SNC Neighborhood Issues Summit

Along with the election of 2013 there has been much discussion on the need for City Hall to refocus on issues important to the nearly 100 neighborhoods in Seattle.   Mayor Murray promised a Neighborhoods Summit within his first 100 days in office, and the event on April 5th drew hundreds of citizens to the Seattle Center.

While the Summit was a great opportunity for the Mayor to reach out to a broad spectrum of people, it did not “identify key organizational issues, clarify roles, and establish new neighborhood priorities to prepare for the 7-year update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan in 2015.

The SNC has a long history of discussing neighborhood issues.  Over the last couple of years we have covered a spectrum of issues from neighborhood and transportation planning to parks funding to infill development.

This month our meeting format will be different.   We will be using our time (after breakfast!) to seek your input on what are the priorities and issues in different topic areas that are of interest to the neighborhoods, including:

  • Parks and Open Space
  • Land Use and Zoning
  • Public Safety
  • Schools and Youth
  • Seniors
  • Transportation
  • Comprehensive and Neighborhood Planning
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure and Citywide Policy Issues

Each breakout area will have knowledgeable team leaders to help facilitate discussion and to capture your comments and concerns.

The SNC will use this information to produce policy recommendations and priorities for the City, and for use by citizens looking to understand issues that confront the neighborhoods.  And as we move into District Elections for city council, this information will prove useful for citizens and candidates alike.

Join us for this special meeting to add your voice to the collective voice of the neighborhoods.

*** Please RSVP for this meeting at Brown Paper Tickets ***


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