Neighborhood pressure to correct multifamily zoning code loopholes

Our friends over at Seattle Speaks Up have been working to correct loopholes introduced into the land use code for lowrise zones that have allowed buildings pushing 60 feet in the formally 30 foot lowrise 3 (LR3) zones.

Active education and outreach within Capitol Hill and other neighborhoods’ lowrise zones, followed by pressure on City Council has forced DPD to address the errors introduced into the code during the multifamily code update in 2010.

A public meeting by the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) is being held on January 14th to discuss proposed changes to the Land Use Code which would reduce the allowed height, bulk and scale of buildings in our multifamily neighborhoods.

Meeting date: Tuesday, January 14th 2014
Meeting time: 6:30-8:00 pm
Location: Lowell Elementary, 1058 East Mercer (corner 11th Ave E.) on Capitol Hill

The scope of the meeting encompasses changes to the code governing all the lowrise multifamily zones CITYWIDE. If you have friends who live in similar neighborhoods in other parts of Seattle, please share this with them.

More information here.


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